Whether it's a music venue, recording studio, club, bar or outdoors,​ we can live stream from almost any location. Should you have a particular venue in mind, please do not hesitate to contact the LIC team with your requirements.


If you do not have a venue don’t worry, we also have a state of the art recording studio in the heart of East London which we can offer as part of our live streaming packages. It can accommodate up to x40 people, so whether you have a band, a large entourage or require an intimate audience presence, this can be facilitated. For more info on the studio and its specifications, please feel free to drop us an email.

You can sell tickets to your event by adding Pay Per View (PPV) to any package, this allows viewers to either pay in advance or during your broadcast.

There are no limits to what you can charge but we recommend keeping these prices low. You will receive up to 70% of total ticket sales revenue. We will cover all transaction and any additional streaming costs.

​We have a number of packages to suit all levels of entertainers but should you wish to have a bespoke package created please do not hesitate to contact us. info@lic.me.uk


Live Stream - Your Location Or Ours?
With our one touch live stream function and zero delay, you could be reaching out to your audience in seconds. 

As well as having its own chat system our streaming facility is integrated with all your usual social network sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc...) so once a comment is posted either directly on our site or on your social network page it will automatically be displayed on all platforms.

Social Stream Implementation...
Pay Per View...
Demo Live Streamed Show  -

To help you visualise your show/event being live streamed, please see an example below of a studio based music showcase.